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Outdoor Table | Rio Alu

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Description: RIO ALU has an extension system that allows the structure to slide, always keeping the legs at the ends of the table. In this way, any unpleasant inconvenience due to obstructing supports can be avoided. The table has been designed with a perfect quick fixing system for its extensions: once extended, RIO is a long fixed table without any imperfections or encumbrance.

Rio Alu 210: 210/280 W x 100 D x 75 H cm
Rio Alu 140: 140/210 W x 85 D x 75 H cm
Reference Number: 
Rio 210:
Grey 045-001-00179-003
White 045-001-00179-004
Beige 045-001-00179-007
Rio 140:
Grey 045-001-00178-003
White 045-001-00178-004
Beige 045-001-00178-007

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