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Corner | Toby Wing


Description: More than just a sofa.

The sliding backs and the sliding arms allow a considerable increase of the seating area so as to make the Toby wing a real “day bed”.

 Like two proper wings, the backrests and the arms of the Toby Wing can spread to offer unique moments of pure relax. The back sections slid backwards increase the seat depth of 42 cm whereas the sideways moving arms once extended, increase the seat width of 25 cm. The Toby wing becomes a unique place, an island where to rest, dream, taking a break in full comfort.

The corner version with sliding back sections allows full use of its surface. The Toby wing with all back sectional slid backwards offers a generous seating area which looks like a shelter island for the entire family.

An element that gives additional lightness to the Toby wing, is undoubtedly the thin metal foot available in titanium, satinated, shiny and Graubraun finish. Absolute novelty, is the methacrylate resin foot that lightens the structure thanks to its transparency giving the illusion the Toby Wing is actually floating in the air.

Available In Taupe

Size: (288x232) W x (114x113) D x 90 H, Seat Height 44 cm, Seat Depth 58 cm

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