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Corner | Sommier


Description: A modular system with generous dimensions and sculptured shapes that is versatile and “multifunctional".

The tilting mechanisms on which the backrests and armrests rest make it possible to fully exploit the seat, both in depth and in width, expanding the usable surface to provide a comfortable bed.

A further mechanism inside the backrest allows the headrest to be adjusted. The generous thicknesses of the seat cushions, emphasized by the elegant quilted workmanship, convey a remarkable feeling of comfort and give it a strong, contemporary character.

The quilting, with its regular rhythmic sequence, is repeated on the various elements that can be placed side by side, completing the pattern and making ‘Sommier’ a central platform for living, working, socializing and relaxing. 

Size: (313x233) W x 113 D x 95 H, Seat Height 40 cm, Seat Depth 57

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