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Corner | Regal_E

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Description: Imposing, soft and with sinuous contours, the ‘Regal_e’, savors the present whilst taking us back to the 1970s and projecting us into the future at the same time.

It fits well into large living rooms thanks to its versatile modularity for a high level of comfort, ensured by the presence of electrical and manual mechanisms.

It expresses its full potential with its raised backrests that give it an authoritative ‘Regal’ look. 

It features backrests that can be raised manually thanks to an easy-to-operate mechanism and is also equipped with electrically retractable leg-rests in an ultra-slim design, which when combined guarantee maximum comfort.

Available In Greige

Size: (313x150) W x (105x150) D x 81 H, Seat Height 44 cm, Seat Depth 56/101 cm

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